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I like AFMBE and "Classic" Unisystem but hate the "Cinematic" Unisystem.
I like White Wolf's new "World of Darkness" rulebook and think it sad that with such amazing potential they still completely failed to fulfill it -- as seen by their biggest failure: Mage the Awakening.
(They'll tell you it wasn't but they also don't release their sales numbers.)
I am also a fan of TORG but I am becoming less and less of a fan as time marches on.

I also really, really, REALLY LOATHE D20/D&D -- being roughly almost the only company to have access to customers through mass market large chain bookstores makes them a bigger success than if they actually had competition in such a market. (White Wolf is also on shelves in those same large chain bookstores but they aren't really "competition".)

I like Pulp and "super hero" stuff, primarily DC Comics but also collect the 70s paperback reprints of Doc Savage and The Shadow stories from the 30s.
I read Piers Anthony, Stephen King and Mercedes Lackey as well as a whole slew (maybe a slew and a half) of other writers.
I like all sorts of "comic book" and "video game" movies and can enjoy almost any film -- except the films of Uwe Boll, I am incapable of enjoying anything he makes.

I also own a Wii and have a Wii code and Smash Brother Brawl Code to trade.